We are a small town church that is family oriented and welcoming to all. Many of our members have grown up in the church and are committed to its mission as we work together to serve the Lord Jesus Christ within the community. Our Sunday morning worship service seeks to stay true to our Presbyterian traditions, while incorporating new elements and styles of worship that may appeal to a variety of people. We have strong music, Christian education and youth programs led by dedicated volunteers. Throughout the year we also participate in several ecumenical services and projects with our brothers and sisters from other churches within the community.


The Presbyterian Church (USA) has its roots in the teachings of the Protestant Reformers John Calvin and John Knox. Some of the Reformed Principles upon which the PCUSA was founded include the emphasis on the Sovereignty of God, the authority of Scripture, the priesthood of all believers, and the election (God's choosing) of people for salvation and service.


Grace alone, faith alone, and Scripture alone are phrases used to define the Reformation period, and have highly influenced our faith as Presbyterians .The grace of God figures prominently in the PCUSA. We emphasize Scripture's promise that we are “saved by grace through faith.” This means that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. God has done it for us through his Son, Jesus Christ. We respond to God's action on our behalf with trust and faith in our Lord and Savior, as we seek to be obedient to God's will as revealed through Scripture. “God acts and we respond” orders all that we do as Presbyterian Christians.


We are affiliated with the local presbytery, Presbytery of Cayuga-Syracuse, which has recently launched a new website which is all inclusive of the various services, activities, schedules, happenings, information and other appropriate news including information specific to the presbytery as well as links to all the member churches.

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