This past year, 2018, was just as good as all the other past years.  God is good, all the time.  We had quite a bit of new music this year primarily due to one of the distributors went out of business and they sold their music for $.50 as opposed to the normal $2.00 plus.  You gotta love a sale.


Contrary to many past years, we did not participate in the Gospel Sing, hosted by the Baptist Church, as several of us had conflicts with the date.  This was the 20th annual gathering and it has been interesting to experience the coming and going of various choirs.  Neither did we participate in any ecumenical music opportunities as ecumenical services were minimal.


We closed our spring season with a picnic at Martha’s.  This is always a good time to get to know each other just a little better and often times learn something about them that we didn’t know.  Thank you, Martha, for hosting this.


One thing we did do this spring was honor Marian Weeks for 70 years of dedication to the music program of the church.  Music has been a major part of her entire life and we are fortunate to count her amongst us.  Thank you Marian for your dedication.


As we have not worn choir robes in nearly ten years and do not envision bringing them out of the closet, they were donated to the Quilts of Valor project to be used in making quilts for veterans.


For those of you who make New Year’s resolutions, make joining the choir the first one.  If you do not make resolutions, join the choir anyway.  Give us a chance.  We work some and laugh more.  The commitment is Thursday nights 6:30-7:45 or 7:45-8:30 for the Wings of Praise.  You don’t need the ability to read music but you do need the ability to read English and to carry a tune.  We’ll teach you all the rest.  We are a fun loving group of people and your chair is waiting for you.  I know of some of your singing talents so don’t be shy, join us willingly, don’t make us implement a draft.  God will be proud and happy with you.  And yes I also know some of you have talents in other arenas and I can be thankful for that also.  See you Thursday with a big welcome. 




Bill Smith


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