This outreach mission sent a Thinking of You card to anyone in our community, with a Weedsport address, who was not a member of our congregation during a time of crisis.  Knowing our deacons care for our own members, there was reason to believe a card being sent to any non-congregational member in the name of the church, who is dealing with any kind of personal grief such as major illness, family death or disaster could use the thought that other people care. 


This ministry was funded through the gracious generiosity of the Marshall Companies who supplied the cards through one of their supplies and the postage was funded privately.


This ministry was been suspended as of August 2020.


Cards Sent  2011           43    (4 months only)

                   2012          118                                  Total since inception   161

                   2013          117                                                                       278

                   2014          117                                                                       395

                   2015           94                                                                        489

                   2016           78                                                                        567

                   2017           98                                                                        665

                   2018           93                                                                        758

                   2019           118                                                                       876

                   2020           45                                                                         921

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