Unfortunately due to lack of knitters, this mission has been suspended as of May 2019.


A small group of ladies organized the Prayer Shawl ministry in 2008 for the purpose of knitting shawls to be given to church members, as well as community members, who are experiencing some difficulty in their life.  Subsequent to the initial objective of prayer shawls, the ministry has expanded their outreach to include children's sweaters, hats and mittens, preemie hats for the local hospital, baby blankets for the local hospital as well as blanket for baptized children, scarves for Scarves for Hearts at Crouse Hospital.  Knitters of any and all levels are welcome to join this group meeting on the first and third Monday mornings at 9:30 AM.  Call the church, 834-9212 for additional details.


The Prayer Shaw Ministry meets on the first and third Monday each month at 9:30 AM at the home of Jeanette Bates. This year, 2015, we experienced a great loss in the passing of Jean Smith in October. She had been our strong and inspired leader since our origins in 2008.


On Sunday, June 5, 2016, a plaque was presented during worship service renaming the Prayer Shawl Ministry to the Jean Smith Prayer Shawl Ministry in honor of the founder and leader of the group who, sadly, passed away last October.



 Original group of ladies

Left to right:  Rev. Debra Thomas, Carol Ward, Jeanette Bates,

Merle Clark, Jean Smith, Cindy Sears



In 2018 we donated the following:


American Heart Association - 174 infants red hats

World Vision -                    49 sweaters

Auburn Comm. Hospital,    blankets and baby hats

Crouse Hospital,                 lap robes, red scarves, baby blankets 

Strong Memorial Hospital, hats, blankets 

Good Samaritan Fund,       mittens, hats

St. Joseph's Hospital,        preemie caps, mittens, blankets

Salvation Army,                 hats, mittens, slippers 

Evergreen Heights,            lap robes 

Scarves 4 Peace,               scarves



Sunday, February 11, 2018


This missions group, along with other interested and talented people, participated in knitting or crocheting red hats for infants born in February of this year.  174 hats were given to the American Heart Association representative, Gina Rivers who will distribute them appropriately.


In 2017 we were able to donate the following:


Hats for newborns at Auburn Community Hospital           274

Red hats for American Heart Association                         160

baby blankets - at least                                                    4

Scarves -                                                                       10

Shawls and lap robes -                                                    20

Teddy bears for sick children -                                          12

Amigurumis -                                                                   6

Dish Cloths -                                                                  36

Sensory Mitts for Westminister Church -                             2

Sweaters for Knit for Kids through World Vision -               42

Children's sweaters, scarves, mittens and hats for Salvation Army at Christmas -                                                                      3 bags


We received $20 from the sale of knitted slippers in December


The bin containing prayer shawls and lap robes for you to give to family, friends or anyone in need is located in the narthex.  Please sign the take out sheet with your name and the name of the recipient and the date.


Jeanette Bates, Martha Mills, Cindy Sears, Cherylyn Granger



In 2016 the following were donated:


Prayer Shawls                                            31

Toy Animals                                                 2

Baby Blankets                                              3

Sweaters                                                    46

Newborn hats                                              73


Some of the recipients of our efforts are: the Golisano Children's Center, Ronald McDonald House, Auburn Community Hospital, Crouse Hospital, Cpt. Kyle R. Schneider Foundation as well as friends, families and others we learn of who might benefit from our items. 


Jeanette Bates, Martha Mills, Merle Clarke, Cynthia Sears.



This year, 2015, we provided:


  • 23 prayer shawls to members and friends
  • 221 new born infant hats to AuburnCommunityHospital
  • Scarves to CrouseHospital
  • 4 blankets/lap robes to EvergreenHeights
  • 46 children sweaters sent to World Vision
  • Baby blankets to Auburn Community Hospital
  • 2 animal toys for nursery
  • 9 pairs mittens


In addition, we included the Cpl. Kyle R. Schneider Foundation in our efforts to show care and comfort by making 3 shawls and 8 laprobes (4 of which went to fathers of Chattenooga victims).

We appreciate the contributions of yarn we have received that aids in the production of the items that are produced. Thank you.

We invite any and all of you who are interested in knitting or crocheting items for those people and organizations with a need that we can fulfill to meet with us or to contribute items.

With God's blessing, we will be able to continue for many years to come. Please join us.


Jeanette Bates, Merle Clark, Martha Mills, Cindy Sears, Iska Weigand, Ken Weigand



In 2014 this small group made and distributed:


  • 23 prayer shawls to members and friends
  • 242 new born infant hats to AuburnCommunityHospital
  • 18 scarves to CrouseHospital
  • 4 blankets/lap robes to EvergreenHeights
  • 50 children sweaters sent to World Vision
  • 18 baby blankets to Auburn Community Hospital
  • 8 people pillow and blankets to baptized children


In 2013 this small group made and distributed:

  • 18 Prayer Shawls to members, families, co-workers and others needing the warmth and comfort of His grace
  • 3 Lap robes were given to Evergreen Heights Senior home in Weedsport
  • 258 Newborn caps to Auburn Community Hospital
  • 52 Sweaters for Knit for Kids
  • 20 Scarves were given to Health for Hearts at Crouse Hospital
  • 31sets of hats and mittens, 2 pair of slippers and 7 scarves to Salvation Army to be included in their Christmas angel appeal

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