The Weedsport Good Samaritan Fund is a community organization started by five Weedsport area churches: Sennett Federated Church, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, Weedsport Baptist Church, Weedsport First Presbyterian Church, and Weedsport United Methodist Church. It also includes the Weedsport Lions Club.


The purpose of the Samaritan Fund is to provide funding and/or assistance in finding available resources for families and individuals in the Weedsport Central School District with verifiable emergency needs when other services or funds are unavailable. In the spirit of the Good Samaritan, we may assist those in need who may not be residents of WCSD; however our priority will be those who are residents of WCSD. 


In 2013 funding of $934 was provided in emergency assistance. 

In 2014 emergency funds totaling $3,368 were provided

In 2015 emergency funds totaling $2,597 were provided

In 2016 emergency funds totaling $1,568 were provided.

In 2017 emergency funds totaling $1,021 were provided


For assistance contact one of the five churches, the Lions Club, American Red Cross, or Catholic Charities.


Contacts: Presbyterian Church 315-834-9212, Catholic Church 315-834-9203, Baptist Church 3315-834-6581, Sennett Federated Church 315-252-4936, United Methodist Church 315-834-6895


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