The stained glass windows were installed over a period of time, replacing the original windows that looked like the two that are in the very front of the church. These have only a geometric design on them. One of the early stained glass windows, Ruth, was given by women who had been in a band organized by Laura Donovan in memory of Edwin Hewitt; the window is dedicated to both people. Another window, Paul, given by the Hewitt Baraca Class, was installed in 1916 and dedicated to Rev. A.R. Hewitt and. During Rev. Charles Wood’s pastorate (1916-1920), two more windows were installed. Jesus the Good Shepherd was dedicated to Isaac Chadderdon and is believed to have been given by his second wife. Jesus Beckoning was given in memory of Levi and Clarence Hamilton by their family. Another window, Ruth, was given in memory of Mary St. John sometime before 1926, by women who had been taught by Mary in a girl’s Sunday School class. Three more windows were given prior to 1942 – those depicting Samuel, Moses, and the River of Life. They were probably given in the early 1920s, but there is some doubt as to the dates. The River of Life window was given in memory of Mary Coppernoll by her husband. The Moses window was given in memory of Alanson and John W. Smith by their family. The Samuel window was given in memory of Peter D. Hamilton by his descendents in the early 1920s. The window with Jesus and the Children was installed in 1942. It was purchased in memory of Emma and George Moscript with money left by Mrs. Moscript. In 1948, after the fire in the church, Mrs. Eliza Tryon and her daughter, Hazel, gave the rose window of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, over the choir loft. In 1957-8, the last two windows in the sanctuary were installed -- Jesus Knocking at the Door and Peter. Jesus Knocking at the Door was given in memory of Mary B. Townsend by her son Fred B. Townsend. Peter was given in memory of the Spohr family; it was a bequest of William Spohr. "These two windows were the last opalescent church windows made by Keck, of Syracuse. The artist was Stanley E. Worden of Syracuse who had worked on some of earlier windows, too, with Mr. Keck. The very earliest windows had been made in Rochester."



Layout of the Windows







This guide was written and compiled by Dan Thomas, member of our church and is dedicated to his wife, Rev. Debra Thomas, former pastor of this church, who encouraged him and gave him helpful feedback on the text.  In conclusion of this page and the following pages of the individual windows and their stories Dan writes:






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