This committee provides support to Rev. Anderson with her ideas/thoughts and/or provides ideas/thoughts to her by our thinking ‘outside the box’.  Some of the support comes in the form of open discussion surrounding her ideas and sometimes it is in the form of offering ideas thus helping her identify a direction.  Many of the visual ideas come from the internet with a large variety available on PINTEREST.COM.  All in all, we work well together.  Our committee members are Laura Granger, Cindy Sears, Dan Thomas, Marian Weeks, Bill Smith.  While the committee may create ideas, much of what we accomplish is possible only through the help of the entire congregation and the many talents we all are blessed with.


In keeping with previous year’s interviews with members by Rev. Anderson, we heard about faith and life stories from Summer David and Marian Weeks.  These are very personal and much enjoyed by the congregation.  It’s amazing what we, as individuals, have experienced.  If you missed any of these, they are available on our web site under Messages (2019) and identified by date.  Sign on to WWW.WEEDSPORTPRESBYTERIANCHURCH.ORG


Needed supply pastors included Arlie Howell, Rev. Dr. Richard Smith, Elijah (Dan Thomas in disguise) Lynn Jacques and Dan Thomas in person.


This past year for Lent and Advent we concentrated on specific themes such as for Lent we capitalized on release from bondage with bondage defined as physical restraints, emotional restraints, spiritual restraint and many other types of personal bondage that individuals may encounter and wrestle with.  To help with various types of bondage a power point presentation was created demonstrating many ideas relative to the subject matter.


For Advent, we concentrated on light.  Various scriptures, many from smaller, lesser known books, were introduced to support Mary’s message of how light, from many sources, may impact us.  Supporting this theme were scriptural references, related anthems, a weekly Bible Study facilitated by Rev. Anderson.


In keeping with the various personal power point slide presentations we have created over the past couple of years, they were again shown at appropriate celebrations.  If anyone has pictures of family members not included in the various categories such as Mothers, Fathers, Veterans they can be added to the existing presentations at any time  Provide the picture to Bill Smith who will add them to the slide show and return the picture to your totally unharmed.


In an effort to stay current with electronic communications, we converted the weekly paper bulletin to power point.  This reduces the guessing game of how many bulletins to print, discarding many after church left my attendees or in some situations not having sufficient number.  The change has taken some time to get comfortable with and to become acceptable.  The big difference is the annual savings of $1,000.


We took a congregation-wide survey on various aspects of our worship service.  Many questions were neutral in response with generalized comments as opposed to recommendation of change.  Any questions that were asked have been answered through the Steeple Chimes.  The major result was providing Rev. Anderson with a comfort level on flexibilities she has within the worship service.


Additionally, we reorganized the Prayer List giving it some structure and a method to maintain it in a current manner.  We also have added to our various flower orders the opportunity to have your floral donation given to a shut in as opposed to leaving it at church only to be discarded.


While UBUNTU! is not the verbalized center of each week’s message, it remains a part of our lives.  I AM BECAUSE WE ARE.  We are not who we are all by ourselves but by those around us.  And we, in turn, help others be who they are.


Thank you to everyone who worships with us and lends support to our ongoing endeavors


See in you 2020.

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