This committee provides support to Rev. Anderson with her ideas/thoughts and/or provides ideas/thoughts to her by our thinking ‘outside the box’.  Some of the support comes in the form of open discussion surrounding her ideas and sometimes it is in the form of offering ideas thus helping her identify a direction.  Many of the visual ideas come from the internet with a large variety available on PINTEREST.COM.  All in all, we work well together.  Our committee members include Amy Hickok, Cindy Sears, Dan Thomas, Marian Weeks, Bill Smith.  It should also be noted that much of what we accomplish is possible only by the help of the entire congregation and the many talents we all are blessed with.


In keeping with last year’s interviews with members by Rev. Anderson, we heard about faith and life stories from Barbara Gray, Sandi Kreplin and Bill Smith.  These are very personal and much enjoyed by the congregation.  It’s amazing what we, as individuals, have experienced.  If you missed any of these, they are available under Messages (2018) and identified by date.  


This past year for Lent and Advent we concentrated on specific portions/themes for the period such as for Lent we capitalized on Peace, Light, Love, Wisdom and Joy introducing thoughts through music, bulletin covers, adult Sunday School and obviously, Mary’s message of the day.


The scripture was introduced through the showing of sections of the  “Jesus Movie” as opposed to the scriptural reading which made the message much more realistic.  


For Advent, we concentrated on the angels, their messages and who they visited during this period of preparing and waiting. . .Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and the Magi.  This was also supported by an abundance of angels throughout the sanctuary on the window sills, the Christmas tree and a life size replica.


Last year we prepared power point slide presentations for Veterans, Mothers, Fathers days and this year we expanded that concept to include Pentecost, Angels, Lenten Journey and Ubuntu.  These provide visual examples of the message being discussed and helps bring the idea to reality.  Thanks to the internet and personal computers.


And then there is UBUNTU!  I AM BECAUSE WE ARE.  Our worship service messages for the last few months of this year have been based on this philosophy.  We are not who we are all by ourselves but by those around us.  And we, in turn, help others be who they are.


Stay tuned!


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