Take Them a Meal


In this past year we have provided meals for 3 families for a total of 19 meals.  The meals and visits were gladly received.  The food was excellent and very much appreciated.  Most of all, the recipients of these meals appreciated the time we spent visiting with them.


If anyone would like to join us to prepare an occasional meal for one of our members who have been hospitalized or who has had a family hardship, please sign up by emailing Martha Mills at mills7383@roadrunner.com .   Great care is taken to let the people preparing the meals know if there are any allergies and food dislikes in the household.  People are also very quick to let us know their favorites too.


The more people we have to draw from makes the load lighter for the rest of us.  It’s okay if you don’t know the person well.  We are all members of God’s family and after providing a meal, you will get to know them better.


Some have provided a meal every time.  If you want to be removed from the list, also let Martha know.


Thank you to all who have been so loyal in signing up for a meal.


Martha Mills, Meal Coordinator                        

Cyndy Rooker                                                      

Wilda Marshall                                                            

Marcia Baker

Chris Grudzien

Karen Seitz

Marian Weeks

Linda Fey                                             

Linda Willis                                                                            

Ruth Ann Greer

Debbie Dennis                                                       

Connie Horr

Mary Anderson

Pat Rudney



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