Clerk's Report for 2018


We began 2018 by welcoming Bill Smith back after a year off.  We said goodbye to Sandi Kreplin, but being Clerk, she didn't go far.


Eagle Scout candidate David Coyle spoke to the Session regarding his plan to completely clean and repaint the iron railings on the front ramp and sidewalk on the side of the church.  Session agreed to this project and the church assisted with a spaghetti dinner to defray costs.  He was able to complete his planned work and do the older sign at the front of church as well as have enough money left over to paint the shed.


Session gave approval for Laura Granger to present a Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom Seminar at the church.  The Good Samaritan Fund provided partial scholarships for those who completed the work.


We received a Citizen paper box to repurpose as a little library in front of church.  The work took a bit longer than anticipated and it scheduled to be completed and placed in the spring of 2019.


Jeanette Bates advised that she would like to step down from being the liaison with the Red Cross for the blood drives.  After contacting the Red Cross they agreed to take over some of the duties in order to keep the blood drive in our church.  Jeanette is still assisting on the day of the blood drive.


Our rummage sales were held in May and October, with shortened hours.  We received a lot of things to sell and everyone stepped up to keep these going.  While they do raise funds for the church, they are also a blessing to those who need items and are unable to pay full price.  Working the sales is really an eye opening experience.


Rev. Anderson presented two proposals to Session.  One was to hire a sexton to do some of the jobs around the church.  We have not had a paid person in many years but as our congregation ages, fewer people are able to do some of the projects that need to be done weekly.  She also proposed hiring a Family & Youth Director to put together events for children, family and adults to promote camaraderie and church unity.  Rev. Anderson has been trying to do this herself but with her other duties, is not able to spend the time needed.  Session agreed to these proposals, so watch the bulletin and Steeple Chimes for upcoming events.


During the year we had pulpit supply from Dan Thomas and Arlie Howell.  We are very blessed to have Dan be so willing to step in and even more blessed to have him lead the adult Sunday School each week.  The in-depth background he gives is invaluable.


We are blest with people willing to do what they can to keep our church operating.  Please do not hesitate to let an Elder know if you have an idea or thought or criticism.  We are there to serve everyone.


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