Clerk's Report for 2019


As we began 2019, Session welcomed Marian Weeks and Laura Granger back and said goodbye to Barbara Gray , Dan Bates and Cyndy Rooker. 

Jean Saroodis agreed to take a 1 year term to complete Dan's third year.  We also welcomed David Seitz and Noah Hickok as Youth Elders.


As a church, we welcomed new members, Don & Kim Kwietniak and Summer David and David Eaton on January 13.


Session approved a covenant with Healthy Pastors/Healthy Congregations at the request of Rev. Anderson.  Amy and Noah Hickok are session reps for this.  As our year was ending, Rev. Anderson reported she has been approved for the financial award to her retirement fund.  This was a success for both our minister and our church.


Summer David began working as a Youth and Family Coordinator. 


We received a purchase offer for 80' of our land adjacent to the Dollar General property.  Session reviewed the contract, made some changes, and voted to approve it.  A Congregational meeting was held and the congregation voted to approve the sale.  Some members had questions and concerns, so a town hall meeting was held for further discussion.  Unfortunately not all members agreed that this sale was in the best interests of the church.


Session supported two Benevolent Care Grants thru Presbytery.  Both applications received funding - West Shore Luncheons and SCAT van.


A Sexual Harassment Policy was adopted on September 8 and all required employees received training.


Presbytery changes were the hiring of a new Resource Presbyter and a new Stated Clerk.  Our church will host the February 15, 2020 Presbytery meeting. 


Our organist, Martha Mills, is taking a sabbatical from after Christmas to April.  Jen Slauson Braun will fill in for her.


The Nominating Committee was unable to find anyone willing to serve as a Deacon.  We currently have only 2 deacons.  Session and Rev. Anderson are working on possible solutions.  Care groups may be set up to keep tabs on our members so that no one is overlooked.


We are a small church but a close church.  When we say "church family" it really is a family.  We care for each other, cry with each other, celebrate with each other.  As in most families there is sometimes dissention but hopefully, with love and God's grace, we remain a family.


Session's biggest concern is our finances.  We have been using our savings and memorial funds to do necessary repairs around our church and those assets have dwindled.  Our budget is not padded and many people work around church for no money, and often provide supplies and other things themselves.  2020 will be a year where we will have to consider what assets we do have and how best to utilize them.  Input from you is important.


Please do not hesitate to talk with any elder if you have a concern, criticism or compliment. 


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