Clerk's Session Report for 2020


2020 has been an interesting (to say the least) year.  Session said goodbye to Elders James Marshall and Jean Saroodis and welcomed  Cyndy Rooker, Connie Horr  and Don Kwietniak.  During the year we had resignations from Laura Granger (March), Bill Smith (August), Don Kwietniak (December) and Marian Weeks (December).  All of this was made more confusing when in April we had to go online with Zoom Session meetings.  To say things were not normal was an understatement.  Committees, who always met just prior to the Session meeting, were also unable to meet and had to do their work however they could.  To say we made it through the year was a positive.


·         Positives:  we updated our bylaws and Bill Smith reorganized our reporting of finances so we had a clearer picture of where we stood.  We met with Karen Chamis, Resource Presbyter, to discuss possible solutions for our financial problems.  Our savings are being depleted due to expenses being more than our income.


·         We hosted a Presbytery meeting in February that was a big success.

·        We welcomed new members Mark and Wendy Pedersen as transfers from the Auburn First Presbyterian Church.  We also welcomed Daniel Sperduti and Jo-Ann Griffith as new members in December.


·         We received a federal PPP loan for $8500 and this money was used to pay Rev. Anderson's salary for several months which  helped our bottom line.


·         We changed our internet to Spectrum and became able to stream worship services from our church.  Both Rev. Mary and Rev. Garrett did worship services together for both congregations.  This was an interesting experience and it was enjoyed by everyone.  We also got a hot spot which can be utilized by the community at no cost to us.


·         We reconvened church with outside services beginning on Labor Day.  When the weather changed we moved indoors but this didn't last very long since Covid numbers  increased so we returned to Zoom church with Rev. Mary.


·         A rummage sale was held in October, following Covid protocols.  Unfortunately it was decided not to hold the turkey dinner.


·         We held parades to celebrate Bev Clark's 89th birthday, Charlie Kreplin's 90th birthday, Merle Clarke's 97th birthday and Joe & Wilda Marshall's 60th wedding anniversary.


.        Rev. Anderson is leaving us at the end of 2020.  Faced with limited options, Session voted to worship, either in person or on Zoom, with Sennett Federated.  Rev. George Huffsmith will serve as moderator of our Session.  I respectfully ask for the members of this church to pray diligently for the Session.  There are many important decisions that will have to be made and God must have a hand in it.  Our church future depends upon it.


Sandra Kreplin, Clerk of Session

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