This past year, 2019, was as good as all the other past years.  God is good, all the time.  We had quite a bit of new music this year which helps keep interest alive even though the learning curve can be frustrating for both the choir, the director and the organist.


While we did not participate in any ecumenical choirs, primarily the result of minimal ecumenical church services, we did provide music for the Maundy Thursday service at the Sennett church.


The closing of our spring season was celebrated differently this year.  In past years we have had a picnic supper but this year a suggestion was made to have an ice cream social.  Personally, I loved it!  But then again, I love to eat also, especially when someone else is cooking.  Gathering on a social basis seems to always lend itself to learning something about individuals that we didn’t know.  


A change we made just prior to Christmas was relocating the baby grand piano into the choir loft.  Jen Braun will be Martha’s substitute through Easter and prefers only the piano.  Simultaneously moving it closer to the choir is much more conducive to good listening and blending both for the regular choir and the Wings of Praise.  Good luck Jen. And Martha enjoy your time all snuggled up on Thursday nights not worrying or at all concerned about the weather.


For those of you who have never even been in the choir loft come on up and try it out.  It’s amazing what you can see from there.  And while there you may as well pretend to be a choir member.  If you don’t qualify, we’ll let you know in a gracious manner.  The commitment is Thursday nights 6:30-7:45 or 7:45-8:30 for the Wings of Praise.  You don’t have to read music  you do need to read English and to carry a tune.  We’ll teach you anything else you need to know. We are fun-loving and your chair is ready for you.  God will be pleased that you are using a talent He provided.  Yes, I know all of you have talents not necessarily in the music arena and I can be thankful for that also.  See you Thursday with a big welcome. 




Bill Smith

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