Jean Smith Prayer Shawl Ministry

Annual Report 2018                       .

.                                                                       .

The shawl group continues to meet the first and third Monday each month at the home of Jeanette Bates at 9:30AM.  2019 starts our eleventh year  We truly wish more knitters and crocheters would join us.  The craft talent of knitting and crochet can be far reaching. 


 Following is a list of items and recipients who have benefited from the items made. 

American Heart Association - infants red hats (in February they were presented with 174 red hats),

World Vision - sweaters (thank you Bill Smith for the 33 sweaters you made) -

Auburn Comm. Hospital,    blankets and baby hats -

Crouse Hospital,                 lap robes, red scarves, baby blankets -

Strong Memorial Hospital, hats, blankets -

Good Samaritan Fund,       mittens, hats -

St. Joseph's Hospital,        preemie caps, mittens, blankets -

Salvation Army,                 hats, mittens, slippers -

Evergreen Heights,            lap robes -

Scarves 4 Peace,               scarves -


Other items that have been made and given to friends, relatives, anyone needing--shawls, lap robes, afghans, mittens, slippers, amigurumis, Care Bears, sweaters, blankets for baptisms. 


We have received donations of yarn, bins, hats, shawls for which we are very grateful.     


                         Jeanette Bates, Martha Mills, Merle Clarke, Cindy Sears



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