Christian Education Committee Annual Report 2018


Members for 2017: Pastor Mary Anderson, Amie Fatcheric, Chris Grudzien, Cyndy Rooker, Karen Seitz, Dan Thomas


Teachers: Chris Grudzien, Cyndy Rooker, Karen Seitz, Amie Fatcheric, Dan Thomas (Adult Ed.)


There were 17 students enrolled in the Children’s Sunday School.  Many students who were previously confirmed continued to attend Sunday School and helped out as assistant teachers!


We continue using Cokesbury’s One Room Sunday School “Deep Blue Kids Adventure.”  There is a Deep Blue Adventures app for the families that contains the videos for each week, trivia games that review the lessons and a parent portal explaining what the children are learning in the week’s lesson and the anchor point.



Winter (January – February): Jesus, the Prophet, Who Then is This? 

Spring (March-May):In the Name of the Lord, Go and Tell, Change Your Hearts and Lives

Fall (September-November):  Jesus’ Family, We Are Family, Different Kinds of Families

Winter (December):  Celebrate Advent with Your Family



Souper Bowl Sunday held February 4th.  Total: $132, 93 items predicted Eagles would win the Super Bowl and they did!


One Great Hour of Sharing fish banks handed out February 11, returned Easter Sunday.  Total of $50 collected.



Annual Easter Egg Hunt was held Sunday, March 25.  This was a community event.  The congregation was asked to donate candy and cookies.  Instead of putting the candy in the eggs this year, we made goodie bags and the children were given them when they returned their eggs.  New this year – the children chose an egg from a bag and that determined the color eggs they were allowed to hunt for!  Games included: Twister, blow-up egg/hat races, Snoopy tattoos, ping pong ball cross toss, sack races, ring toss, and pin the tail on the bunny were played.  There were prizes for four gold eggs (filled baskets), five large metallic eggs (five Holy Week symbols).  Refreshments were also served. 



Doug’s to Go event held May 18th.  Raised $552.70 for Vanderkamp scholarships ($153 from bake sale and donation jar, plus profit of $399.70 from Doug’s).

Children’s Day held May 13th. Children presented “ABC’s of Faith” and sang and signed “Jesus Loves Me.”

We updated Bibles for the children that had outgrown the version they were previously given.  These were presented Children’s Day:

CEB Bibles: Sage Howard, Christopher Granger, Charlie Grudzien, Gavin Gwinn

CE Bible Storybook: Liam & Seth McEnelly

Toddle Bible: Ryan Fatcheric


Children sang “Joy is Like the Rain” under the direction of Laura Granger and Martha Mills.


June – July: 

VanderKamp:  Spring Rummage sale proceeds went to camperships.

This year we began collecting returnable cans and bottles to raise money for Vanderkamp scholarships. A total of $101.05 was raised for this summer’s camp scholarships.  We will continue to collect for next year’s campers.

A scholarship application form was developed for those interested in camperships for VanderKamp or other programs.

TEAM Youth group mission: Held June 24-30.  Based in Camillus.  David Seitz participated. 

Doug’s to Go: Held July 12th.  Profit from Doug’s for VanderKamp $462.82 plus $179.59 from the bake sale and donation jar.  Total $642.41

VBS was an ecumenical event held at the Sennett Federated Church June 24-28.  The Methodist, Baptist, Sennett Federated, and Presbyterian churches joined forces to present “Rolling River Rampage.”  Once again, a paint class was an option.  Many participated in the Fireman’s Field Days parade riding on our float.  Thirty-five children attended VBS.  There were nineteen adult and teen volunteers.

Mission: We Give Water.



The children joined UNICEF’s Trick or Treat for Halloween program.


Advent books given to the children, included the Christmas story, activities, and a countdown calendar.

Children’s Christmas program held December 9th.  Sounds of Christmas:

 Listen! Listen!  The audience was encouraged to “Listen” and let the sounds of Christmas wash over you, sounds you hear year after year.  Sounds that we like to hear.  Listen for the sounds of happiness, as you share joy and surprise with those who are needy, lonely, or sick.  Your thoughtfulness brightens their eyes.  And then there’s the sound of silence that you hear in the still of the night, in a candlelit church, where we all come to pray, to the Christ Child, our own guiding light.  Listen! Listen!

The program was followed by a reception in the fellowship hall.  Angel cookies and drinks were served.  The Tuesday craft group provided craft kits and instructed those interested  in making several Christmas crafts.

Baptisms:  The CE committee continues to send monthly newsletters to children who have been baptized in our church but cannot attend our church/Sunday School.  The beginning of the year Clubhouse Jr. magazine subscription was sent to the youngest children as they have outgrown the Splash newsletter.  For the older children the monthly Pockets magazine subscription has been sent.

VanderKamp:  Spring Rummage sale proceeds went to camperships.

Last year we began collecting returnable cans and bottles to raise money for Vanderkamp scholarships. A total of $185.55 has been raised for camp scholarships.  We will continue to collect for next year’s campers.


Youth Fellowship: 

February 6th – Broom ball

March 18th – Movie “Wrinkle in Time,” bowling and lunch

May 30th – scavenger hunt

July – Ithaca Falls

October 26th – Corn maze in Baldwinsville.

December 19th – Christmas party


Protecting Children:  Annual review of our Child Protection policy was completed.  

Adult Bible Study:  Dan Thomas continues to hold this class on Sundays before church service.  It is always an insightful class as Dan shares interesting background and leads discussion based on the scripture lessons of the day’s sermon. 

Scholarship reminder:  There is a Westminster College Scholarship available for up to $76,000 ($19,000 for four years.)

Exciting news!  The session approved the hiring of a Youth and Family Leader starting January. 

The windows in the Sunday School wing were replaced!  They look great and work wonderfully.


Thanks to the support of the church, a wonderful committee, and creative, hardworking teachers, the Christian Education Committee has been blessed with another year of sharing the good news with the children of our church and community.


Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia Rooker

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