Buildings and Grounds Committee Report - 2019


Our committee consists of Charlie Kreplin, David Seitz, Dan Sperduti and Barbara Gray.  Thank you for your service this year.


The year's highlights were:  The proposed sale of a strip of our property to the Dollar General Store.  Currently it is tabled at the attorneys' offices.  We have had several very large tree branches come down randomly and they pose a danger.  In addition to the financial benefit of this sale, we will be rid of the liability.


There was a vote sometime in 2017 to eliminate or save the small bathroom off the kitchen.  The vote was to save it, and thanks to James Marshall for taking this project on alone and doing a beautiful job.  It has been much-used already.


We spent a lot of money last year outsourcing the mowing--this year we saved $900 with volunteers stepping up to do the lawn care.  [See end of report.]


Our hope of having a "Little Library", housing inspirational books and Daily Breads for public access, came to fruition.  It has been used and that is exciting!


We've had several small and major "clean-up" days this year--many hands accomplished much.  For years we've had some rodent issues, and have more aggressively tackled the problem.


Lastly, we sought out many contractors to do painting of outside trim around our stained glass windows. Work began near the end of the year and will resume at winter's end.  Anticipation!


In reviewing our notes, I have thanked MANY people MANY times for the MANY jobs required to maintain an old church like ours--all bear mentioning and please forgive any omissions:   Back ramp [stripping and painting]--David S, Martha M, Cyndi R, Charlie K.  Bathroom cleaning [weekly]--Linda F.  Bathroom re-model--James Marshall.  Clean-up Days -- Lori and Mike A, Pastor Mary, Marcia B, Debbie D, Linda F, Nathan and Barbara G, Wilda M, Cyndi R, Pat R, Karen and David S, Dan S, and Chere W. Gardening/Weeding--Cyndi R. Mower donation --Case Marshall. Little Library Project--Pastor Mary, Sandi K, Barbara G, Cyndi R, Nancy and Dale S, Chris G, Rick Horr, and Bill Smith. Maintaining paper goods--Sandi K, Pastor Mary, and Nathan G.  Mowing --Mike A, Linda F, Nathan G, Charlie K, Cyndi R, Bill Saroodis, John and David S, Dan S, Chere and Denny W. Snow removal--Harold Terpening and Mike Weeks.  Trash removal/recycling [weekly]--Nathan G.  Tree limb removal--Charlie and Mark K, Nathan G, and Mark Farrell. 


This is really an impressive list of dedicated people.  May God bless you all in the support of this beloved church.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Gray

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