Buildings and Grounds Committee Report - 2018


January began with Boy Scout David Coyle's proposal to sand, prime and paint the outside railings of the church as his Eagle project.  To that end, he would also plan and execute a spaghetti dinner at the church to defray costs of materials.  This came about over the course of a few months and also included sprucing up the original Church sign. We replaced some numerals.  With some remaining funds they also painted the storage shed.


At some point mid-winter we found ourselves in need of a new furnace, which was underwritten by the Marshall Companies.  We are gratefully indebted to them. 


A crew from the jail came in March to wash and wax the community room floors, then painted the ramp to the Sunday School wing.


In general Church maintenance--the fire extinguishers were inspected [4 of the 10 needed replaced]. Also smoke detectors were checked; the boiler was inspected.  The commercial stove in the kitchen needed repairs.  A top-coating of paving was done late Spring on the driveway and parking lot--it was costly.  James Marshall repaired the deteriorating steps at the Nursery entrance. Neon safety strips were painted at all other  surrounding entrances.


A survey went out as to the future of the bathroom off the kitchen area--to either turn it into storage, or to save and refurbish it.  The decision was to save and remodel.  Cost could easily be kept to a minimum.  This will be a future project.


In late Summer, Charlie Kreplin, our faithful "go-to" Mr. Fix-It, took a serious tumble, was hospitalized and in rehab for a period.  In this transition, we hired out Kevin Garr to do mowing and trimming.


Going into fall, we were approached by Dollar General with interest in purchasing some of our side property, in their hopes of expanding and/or remodeling.  James has been our representative,; currently the ball is in their court. 


Plans to create our Little Library are moving forward.  The former Citizen box has been stripped and repainted. Just a little more tweaking and we will place it out front come Spring.


Air conditioners were removed/snowmobile signs put up.


We had asked Jessie Dennis to come up with protective plexiglas for our Rose Window--he has had some difficulty with the size and will have to do it in two pieces.  Meanwhile we are investigating sources to have all the stained glass cleaned on the inside.


After Charlie's hospitalization we had a meeting with him so we'd have a better grasp of ALL he's done on a regular basis.  We've developed a job description for a Church Sexton which would include general church maintenance.  As we go into the New Year, we will look into filling this job. 


Thanks to all those who have done many small jobs all year to help this committee, and especially to Charlie who has been invaluable.  He wants to thank Nathan Gray and others who have stepped up.


Respectfully,   Charlie Kreplin and Barbara Gray

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