Session Report for 2017


As 2017 began we welcomed Connie Horr and Dan Bates back to Session.


Rev. Anderson continued her practice of interviewing individual members about their faith as part of our church service.  Moving interviews were held with Joe & Wilda Marshall, James Marshall and Linda Willis.  Many thanks to these people for sharing their faith journey with us.


The Pre-school is continuing with the new operator and going well.  They even had a 10 week session in the summer.


Our only ecumenical service was July 9 at Trolley Park as a finish to VBS.


Session continued with their summer gathering at James Marshall's house on a gorgeous summer night.  This allows the Session to meet without an agenda and to better get to know one another.


We did have our two rummage sales in May and October.  Unfortunately the October one saw a large amount of junk being deposited with us.  We are unsure how to deal with this.  Due to a shortage of help at times we eliminated the Thursday opening.  Our profits were down over $700 from 2016.  We are still debating on doing them in 2017.


Session has utilized only a small portion of the monies gifted them by the Presbytery at the end of 2015.  Churches were asked to use these funds to help others.  If you have any ideas, please talk with a session member or come to a session meeting to discuss them. 


Session members look forward to helping our church thrive in 2018.  Rev. Anderson has enthusiasm but we need to be there too.  We can't just sit in our pews and leave it all up to her.  If you have ideas, thoughts, things you hated or loved, please let someone know.  This is our church.  The church is not the building, it is the people, the family that meets regularly.  We are very good at ministering to ourselves.  How can we minister to our community???


Recently at a Presbytery event I attended, a minister from another church told me he had heard "good things" about our church.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear this.  Obviously we  are doing good.  We just need to continue.


Blessings for a successful 2018.


Sandra Kreplin, Clerk of Session




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