Weedsport Good Samaritan Fund

Annual Report 2017


The Weedsport Good Samaritan Fund is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, more specifically to provide funding and/or assistance in finding available resources for families and individuals in the Weedsport Central School District with verifiable emergency needs when other services or funds are unavailable.  In the spirit of a Good Samaritan we will assist those in need who may be non-residents.


Committee consists of one representative from each participating church and the Lions Club:  Weedsport Baptist Church – Tara Sheehan; Weedsport First Presbyterian Church - Cynthia Rooker; Weedsport United Methodist Church – Kayann Taylor; Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church - Sue Salisbury-VanCamp; Sennett Federated Church - Barb Youmell; Lions Club – Ernie Bacon.


Funding:  Each participating church and the Lions Club make an annual donation; Doug’s To Go Event.


History:  The WGSF began the process of forming this organization during the summer of 2010.   Each church sent a representative, and brainstorming and prioritizing began.  After the initial committee was formed and regular meetings began, a constitution was drawn up.  We have also worked on getting our organization’s name and mission known.  We have contacts with Catholic Charities, NYSEG, Office for the Aging, and Weedsport Central School, who refer people and we have also used their help in verifying applicants.  We feel that our activities have been most helpful in getting people to know us and hope knowledge of our organization will continue to spread so that we may assist more people.  In 2013 the Lions Club official became a member of this charity.


We have been sending clothing (snow pants, mittens, new underwear, and pants) to the elementary school nurse.  Some of these are items we receive at no cost to the committee and pass on for their use and some were purchased through the fund. 


In past summers the WGSF and their congregations collected school supplies for the Weedsport Central Schools.  The school guidance office distributed the items.  This year the guidance office let us know that they still had enough of the supplies so we did not need to replenish any items.  They did request deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Members of the committee donated several items and will continue to watch for sales to keep up their supply. 


We have helped people financially but have also referred them to other organizations that might be helpful to them in their situation.  One situation was handled with the donation of an item at no cost to the committee. 


Our third annual Doug’s To Go Fish Fry/Bake Sale event was held in October.  We raised $636.71 to defray expenses to participating organizations and used the event as an opportunity to increase awareness of our organization.


Assistance provided for 2017

Assistance 2016-$1550; 2015-$2597; 2014-$3368


$150    Medical & Food (April) (ck. 543) (one adult)

$0        Bed and frame (June) (two adults) donated

$155    Snow gear and underwear for elementary school students

$342    Utilities (two adults, three children)

$374    Giving Tree (four children)





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