Buildings and Grounds 2017


2017 has been a busy year at the church.  All of the following has been accomplished.


  • Jail crews painted the kitchen, front stairway and Koinonia Room as well as shampooing the carpet in the Koinonia Room
  • rear entry and side doors painted as well as front
  • 18 replacement windows put in Sunday School addition and offices - donations by our church family paid for all of these
  • replaced the basement furnace
  • had to replace a valve that froze on the furnace for the Sunday School addition
  • lost a big tree at the back of church - with the help of Mark Kreplin and Nathan Gray we took care of it and Joe Leonardi came and ground the stump


I want to thank everyone who donated to the window project.  It was nice to see Rev. Anderson be able to have her windows open this past summer.


Thanks to Matt & Chris Grudzien for helping me keep the lawn cut.


A big thank you to Nathan Gray for his assistance on many projects around the church this year. 


Also to Cyndy Rooker for her dedication to the flowers around the outside of church.


If anyone has some time they could help out it would be appreciated.  Many hands make light work and some of these projects are more than one or two people can do easily.


We have 2 chair carts and a table cart to find a new home for.  If anyone knows of a person or organization that can use them, please let me know.


Lords Little Acre

Charlie Kreplin

Dan Bates








·        parking lot was sealed and re-striped

·        Joe Leonardi chipped up a big tree stump at no charge to us

·        purchased 4 round tables and six 8' tables for dining room use  these do not leave the premises

·        Mark Carpenter did a lot of updating of our electrical system and added an additional outside light on the south side of the church

·        Cayuga Co. Sheriff Dept jail crew polished the dining room floor as well as the hallway and daycare floor

·        Jail crew also painted the lower walls in the dining room and as the year ends they are working on the kitchen

·        Rev. Anderson and some of the ladies removed the wallpaper on the upper portion of the dining room and repainted it


Things to do yet:

·        Looking for someone to trim the box elder trees between us and the Dollar General

·        Hoping to get the trim on the church and Sunday School addition painted this spring.

·        The Boy Scouts are planning to paint their building


We were not contacted about participating in Old Tyme Christmas this year but hopefully that miscommunication has been straightened out.


Building & Grounds needs some new committee members.  I want to thank Mat & Chris Grudzien for helping with the lawn mowing and the ladies who watered the geraniums and other flowers around the church. 


I also want to recognize Dan Bates, Chris & Mat Grudzien, Burt Ward, Stuart McLeod, Chris Howard and Jacob Hickok for assisting me when I needed help this year.


Lords Little Acre

Charlie Kreplin

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