I suspect, like all of you, the summer season moves much too quickly.  We so look forward to it in late spring and when it gets here it seems like shortest time of year but since we can’t change it let’s make the best of it and now move into fall which is a beautiful time on our calendar.


No history lessons, no travel experiences, no musical tidbits, no words of wisdom with this month’s publication.  But it is important to say ‘thank you’ to Martha Mills who so earnestly works at assuring everyone that even though the choir takes a break during the summer there is still special music to augment our worship services.  Thank you Martha!  And thanks to all you who supported her.


If you have said to yourself, “I really could/should join the choir” or “there is no reason why I can’t”, this is the time to act on it.   Many of us don’t think we have the talent or are bashful (hard to believe) or are too judgmental of our own worth so give it a try and let others judge.  We really are fun people and enjoy the efforts expected of us.  Quite honestly we don’t all have musical talent as God uses us in other ways, but give it a shot.  If you truly don’t have what it takes we’ll let you know.


Choir rehearsal for us will start on Thursday, September 8th, at 7:00 so see you there.  We have chairs readily available and if we need more I know where they are.  See you then.


Bill Smith

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