Pastor’s Annual Report

January 2017


It is always a blessing for me to look back over the year and contemplate God’s goodness.  As I went through the months of 2016, I was struck by a  theme of celebration, that seemed to mark the year.  Our community of the Spirit has had its share of memorable events.  We started Lent with Ash Sunday marking the season with the sign of the cross on our foreheads.  That particular Sunday included the Boy Scout troop that our church sponsors.  Though Lent is a more a somber season, a group of us met for a Bible Study on the “Autumn of the Christian Life.”  Pondering that all seasons have their blessings and challenges.  All of life, its joys and pains, is cause for celebration. 

Two celebrations in the spring was the Easter Egg Hunt and rejoicing over Christ’s resurrection Easter Sunday.  This year session approved the church purchasing round tables.  Our first time using them was for Amie Fatcheric's  baby shower.  Many ladies were able to attend that special event.  I  will soon get the joy of baptizing baby Ryan Fatcheric on the Lord’s Baptism Sunday, January 8.


Another celebration our church experienced was gathering together for Nancy Johnston’s memorial service. It was a true celebration of life with many tears... 


In June we rolled out the round tables again for Marian Week’s surprise 80th birthday party.  At the end of the month many of us were working together on our Ecumenical Vacation Bible School.  VBS is a celebration of investing in young people in our community.  The Ecumenical picnic at Trolley Park was a fun way to share the highlights of Vacation Bible School.


In the fall we had several celebrations.  On Veteran’s Day we were able to celebrate the men and women who have served our country.  Later that month we had the wonderful experience of hearing Charlie Kreplin’s faith story, and then praying blessing over a man that has blessed our church in so many countless ways.


Everyday happenings, like visiting folks in the hospital, Rehabilitation center, or going to homes or restaurants with members of this congregation is a daily celebration for me.  I’ve had the privilege of praying blessing over beautiful babies and children’s bedrooms.  A few of us rolled up our sleeves and stripped wallpaper and painted the dining room so that we can have many more celebrations together, like our Christmas program and potluck lunch. 


2016 is coming to a close, and my heart is full with thanksgiving of all the celebrations we as a community shared together.

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