Excitement for the Souper Bowl Mission is the competition between the two major football teams playing in the Super Bowl.  Two collection boxes and donation jars, appropriately decorated with the opposing teams logos, are placed in the sanctuary on Super Bowl Sunday.  All donations remain with the local Brutus-Sennett Food Pantry. 


In 2013, we collected 57 food items and $110. 

In 2014, we collected 97 food items and $82. 

In 2015, we collected 110  food items and $106, an increase in both categories over 2014.

In 2016, we collected 132 food items and $82.00 cash an increase of 22 food items and a decrease in financial contribution by $25.00

In 2017, we collected 75 food items and $115 cash a decrease of 57 food items and an increase in financial contribution of $33.  Additionally, one member solicited her co-workers and generated an additional 100 food items and $20 cash.

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