Session Report for 2016


As 2016 began we welcomed Carole Ozark back to Session in place of Bill Smith who had completed six years. 


A Leadership Training Day was held by the Rochester area churches and 3 Elders and 3 Deacons attended.  We held a meeting after to disseminate the information garnered from this day.


No decision was made during the year for utilization of the Great Commission Funds received from Presbytery at the end of 2015.  Most churches are still pondering how best to use this windfall to benefit others.


During Rev. Anderson's vacations and study leaves we were led by Dan Thomas and Arlie Howell. Rick Jorolemon shared his faith with us on Veteran's Day after an 18 year career in the Army.  The Harvester's helped us worship on June 19.  One of our more interesting Sunday's was spent with Rev. Anderson interviewing Elder Charlie Kreplin on his faith journey.  We shared several ecumenical Sunday's with the Methodists during the summer months.


Deb Sims of Fun Beginnings Nursery School retired in May 2016.  Session interviewed two people interested in having a nursery school at our church and Session selected Casie Tomasewski and MaryAnna LaFave.  To date, all is going well.


Session continued with a recent tradition of gathering at the end of summer to discuss goals and just have a friendship time together.  Many thanks to James Marshall for hosting us.


Session continues to try to make the best decisions regarding the church.  We welcome input from our members.  Remember we are all in this together, trying to serve God and help our community.  From the many statements in this report you can see our impact.  Let's make it more!!


Sandra Kreplin

Clerk of Session

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