Annual Report 2016
RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Card Ministry


This ministry, started in August 2011, is an effort to reach out to the Weedsport community at a time of family stress letting people know we Presbyterians are alive, active and care. While it is hopeful if/when these families are searching for a church they would remember us; however, this is not the overall objective. In many cases, we can assume they have their own church relationship and we are supporting the fact that Jesus loves them and so do we.



Stress is defined primarily as death, major/terminal illness and disaster such as fire or some other type of emergency. Ironically, the majority of cards are prompted by death. Family is identified as any family member (parents, grand parents, spouse, children, siblings) with a Weedsport address and not a member of our church as we have programs, supported by our Deacons, to reach out and support our own members.



In 2015 we sent 117 cards, of which 109 were death related. Overall, since inception, a total of 512 cards have been sent. Thanks to James Marshall and the Marshall Companies for supplying the cards, at no cost, through one of their vendors.



With many people using cellular phones exclusively coupled with many obituaries not including whereabouts of survivors, it is often difficult to find addresses, even with the internet, so when you get an e-mail requesting help, this is the reason.


As it is difficult to be alert to major illnesses and emergencies, we could use some help with timely communicating our support. When you are aware of these types of family emergencies, please forward the information to Bill Smith, phone 315-699-4160 or e-mail at WSMITH1@TWCNY.RR.COM. Don’t assume we know or that someone else has made us aware of these situations. Better to over communicate than not be aware at all.



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