This past year, 2016, was good to us.  God is good, all the time.  While it was primarily a typical year, it wasn’t any less important than any other year that may have been exceptional.  Our objective, as a choir, is to enhance and augment our worship service and provide a message set to music as opposed to being a spoken word.


We participated in the annual Gospel Sing hosted by Baptist church as well as any ecumenical opportunities with the four local churches.  It is always fun and inspirational to work with a larger group.


The Steeple Chimes articles provided us with the following:

†        The history of the First Noel

†        Reminder that Christmas carols were not sung until after His birth

†        Learned biographical information on Harry Mason, composer of Are Ye Able, who graduated from Syracuse University, taught at Auburn Seminary and was organist at First Pres-Auburn and Second Pres-Auburn (now Westminster)

†        Learned the difference between Alleluia and Hallelujah (None)

†        Learned that Be Thou My Vision is an old Irish hymn

†        Read the story of the visitor who arrived early for worship, took a pew when someone came along and said “You took my place”.  He encountered several more negative incidents while at this church when he started transforming into a man of horrible scars. As his hat turned into a crown of thorns, he was asked what happened, and Jesus replied “I took your place”.

†        Were reminded that Kate Smith, in her patriotic initiative, approached Irving Berlin and together they composed God Bless America neither of them taking any profits but benefiting the Boy Scouts of America.


We say a big thank you to Martha and all the people who continue to share their talents during the summer when the choir is taking a well deserved rest.  The Wings of Praise, being a younger set of individuals, continues throughout the summer.  It is wonderful to share our God given talents as we worship Him.


For those of you who make new year’s resolutions, make joining the choir the first one.  If you do not make resolutions, join the choir anyway.  The commitment is Thursday nights 7:00-8:15 or 8:15–9:00 for the Wings of Praise.  You don’t need the ability to read music but you do need the ability to read English and to carry a tune.  We’ll teach you all the rest.  We are a fun loving group of people and your chair waiting for you.  See you Thursday with a big welcome.  We will not ‘take your place’.




Bill Smith


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